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Windows Vista

This new version of Windows taking everyone by storm. This has to be Microsoft’s greatest product ever. I mean, it has 3D flip, it can recover accidentally deleted files and has amazing resolution when it comes to showing pictures and home videos. You have to see it to believe it. It is well worth the money that is being asked to pay for it, they have one especially for businesses and for home use. No one does it better than Microsoft.


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Thoughts On Brokeback Mountain

I had never seen this movie until yesterday and I did hear it publicized a lot before it came out. I didn’t really know what to think of this movie. I had watched it in my critical thinking class and to me it was boring. The story was very well written and the concept I could understand but it looked like more of a documentary than a movie. I’m more into action movies myself, I like to see stuff blow up more than anything else. I could relate to the movie because a relative very close to me is gay and not that I’m cool with it, I just accept it as is and go on. She will do whatever she wants to do with her life and I love her just the same whether she’s gay or not. I don’t see her as much as I would like to even though she lives in another state but we keep in contact through email. The movie made me sleepy but it wasn’t all boring though.  I wouldn’t watch it again, I will say that much.

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Last week for my self improvement project, I really thought about getting a tattoo and if I was going to get one, it had to be of great significance to me because tattoos are more permanent than a permanent marker, I think. I though about getting my name and my mom’s name then having May 13th in the center then let in branch out into the years we were born. The more I thought about it, the more I decided to wait a little longer.

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It states that what you do to people will eventually come back to haunt you or to return the favor. You must be careful of what you say to people or what you do to people. I’m always nice to people until you make me mad. It takes a lot to make me truly mad at someone but if you just get on my nerves then you will hear about it from me, it may not be an immediate reaction but it will happen. I might do nothing to you and let nature take its course. It pays to be nice to mean people. You know the saying kill people with kindness, it does help in a lot of situations and then again it backfires on you or someone you care about.

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This week I’ve had a surprising revelation. I actually talked to a guy. Well I just met him and actually I’ve never really had the courage to come up and talk to guy and I didn’t even have to do that. I mean, my mom kinda of had something to do with the whole thing but last night I had and hour of conversation with the guy and he sounds like a very nice guy but I’m very skeptical about the whole thing but I’m taking it one day at a time. He likes football, then again what man doesn’t plus he’s into action movies, he likes to play football and he’s interested in going back to college. I sort of like the guy but I’m just easing into the whole situation, more like a situation analysis if you could put it but I’ve had a lot of trust issues with men in the past like my father and several father figures that have walked in and out of my life so this is just one step at a time. I really hope that this will turn out really well with this guy and it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking. We’ll just see how this goes.

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Topic: Global Warming

This topic has been one of the most talked about topics since last year, maybe even before that. Al Gore and other celebrities have decided to come together to raise awareness of Global Warming and to try to contain what’s already deteriorated of our ozone layer. What is Global Warming, You Ask? If you don’t know, it is the increased average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and is getting worse by the minute. The thing that causes global warming is solar activity, volcanic eruptions and their debris such as ashes, and greenhouse gases among other things. Reports say that they think Hurricane Katrina, one of our history’s disasterous hurricanes was caused by none other than global warming. Icecaps and Glaciers are melting because of Global Warming. Al Gore, our former Vice President of the United States says that the Earth is getting warmer and that we need to do something about it. They say the spread of diseases and more deadly storms and hurricanes like Katrina are expected, more glaciers will melt, the sea levels will rise and mass extinction will occur. There’s really no side against it because Global Warming is happening whether we want to admit or not.

 In my opinion, I think more awareness about Global Warming can really help to salvage what we have left of the ozone layer. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gases that cause our ozone layer to be destroyed and people are cutting down trees left and right to make room for businesses and parking lots. I believe that if something is not done about this, we won’t have a planet to live on, much less anyone on it. 

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Public Speaking

I can’t stand public speaking, I have to do it for class to learn how to speak in front of large amounts of people. If I can find any way to avoid it then I will try everything to get out of it, even if I have to go last. I really can’t stand doing it, it has become a fear of mine and I will never get used to it. I wish that public speaking didn’t exist. I will be terrified of doing it for as  long as I live.

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Young Hollywood: What’s With Them?

Lately all you hear about hollywood’s young and hottest stars are getting in more trouble with the law than setting a good example for young teens who look up to them. I think they need to get their act together. It’s all I hear about, some young star is either driving under the influence or doing something else that hurts their image. What the hell is going through their minds?

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Valentine’s Day

I figure Valentine’s Day is like this: If you don’t have someone to share it with, then that holiday just reminds you that you don’t have someone, and if you do have someone, you really don’t need a holiday just to show that you still love them. You can do that everyday if you wanted to so it doesn’t really make a difference. I don’t have anyone to share it with but it doesn’t bother me. I commend people who do stuff for the people that they love and it’s good way to redeem yourself if you haven’t shown your significant other any respect or love for them lately. I love doing things for my mom and grandma on Valentine’s Day because my grandma’s husband died of cancer almost 3 years ago so I want her to know that she still feels special and I do stuff for my mom even though she has someone, I still want her to know that I appreciate her.

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Cell Phones

What would we do without cell phones? It’s like our 911 rescue team, you can store business info and telephone numbers and call 911 from anywhere you are located. It also comes equipped with GPS, Games, Text Messaging, and even Walkie Talkies. I always remember to take my cell phone with me everywhere I go but it’s also a way for unwanted people to call you at the most inconveinent time like driving or getting hair done among other things. People can keep track of you with cell phones. Camera phones are getting more and more popular these days, I mean why buy an expensive digital camera when you can have one in your phone? I really don’t know what I would do without my cell phone. You can call when you get ready and you can hang up on people when they make you mad. This has to be one of the best inventions in the world.

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